Thuto Ke Lesedi Community Enrichment Project

Thuto ke Lesedi project support rural disadvantaged schools by providing a platform for the inspiration and empowerment of disadvantage learners. Learners are offered a range of educational services such as grade 9 subject choice assessment, educational tours and meetings . Access to university materials such as application forms, prospectus and other relevant information.

 Tenacity Magazine: What is Thuto Ke Lesedi? What work do you?

Thuto Ke Lesedi: Thuto Ke Lesedi Community Enrichment Project (TKL)(146-599 NPO) was established in 2014 in terms of NPO Act No 71 of 1997. Thuto Ke Lesedi is a non-profit, voluntary organisation (NGO) committed to providing a platform for the inspiration and empowerment of disadvantaged learners within the said community and beyond through promoting opportunities to support, connect and grow disadvantaged learners lobbying, mentoring, networking, strategic alliances and developing and recognizing excellence in learners.

Tenacity Magazine: Who is the founder of this NGO?

Thuto Ke Lesedi: Hudson Molaba.

Tenacity Magazine: As Thuto Ke Lesedi you are uplifting the youth on the importance of Education . Please tell us more on that aspect.

Thuto Ke Lesedi: The organisation aims to focus specifically on the young people who are from disadvantaged background and have the desire and passion for success through learning. We aim to be united, non-racial and non- sexist association that helps learners to create connections on multiple dimensions so as to improve the community.

Tenacity Magazine: What are your aims and objectives as the organisation?

Thuto Ke Lesedi: The main objectives of the Organisation are:

  1. Assist rural youth with university access and acquiring application forms and bursary forms.
  2. Funding grade 12 learners with university application fees.
  3. Identify and assist disadvantaged learners.
  4. Provide career exhibitions for Grade 09 – 12 leaners.
  5. Provide Motivational Workshops and Lifestyle Coaching.
  6. Organize academic meetings and tours.
  7. Conduct reading, writing and listening skills sessions.
  8. Develop youth skills in a form of sport, arts & culture and agricultural structures.
  9. Assist learners’ with adaptation and transformation process from High school to Tertiary education.
  10. Conduct educational researches in assessing issues that learners encounter in their process of learning.
  11. To improve the technological development that could not be enhanced by the neighboring/local schools.

Tenacity Magazine: What have you achieved ever since the establishment of the NGO?

Thuto Ke Lesedi: The achievements of the organisation are:

  1. Handed out 1000 dictionaries to disadvantage learners.
  2. Host of Mr and Miss Ga Mphahlele.
  3. Offer extra classes.
  4. Career expo.

Tenacity Magazine: What are the programmes you are doing within the organisation?

Thuto Ke Lesedi: Host of Mr and Miss Ga-Mphahlele pageants, Career Expo, and Motivational speaking.

Tenacity Magazine: How do people get involved or lend a hand in your organisation? How do they get in contact with you?

Thuto Ke Lesedi: People can contacts us on our Facebook page :Thuto Ke Lesedi community enrichment project or email us on

We are open for any human resource or financial assistance hence we are facing lots of challenges, so assistance will be welcomed with warms hearts and hands. Our numbers is 082 263 7957.

Tenacity Magazine: Any new and exciting things that you would like share?

Thuto Ke Lesedi: Due to operational matters we unfortunately could not host most of our programmes in 2018 due to lack of financial and human resource because all our programmes are funded by fund raising. We only managed to host our career expo at Lebowakgomo civic hall. All of the above listed programmes will resume in 2019 and more new exciting programmes.


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