TENACITY MAGAZINE is published by REASHOMA COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT AGENCY NPC, a legally registered entity of South Africa based in Polokwane, Limpopo Province. Our mission is to bring quality audience to the clients, while at the same time providing quality content for the audience. We create concepts with a developmental value to promote entrepreneurship, education and Sills development.


  • The main objective of TENACITY MAGAZINE is to sell hope to young people from rural areas and townships by sharing positive stories about successful people they can identify with.
  • These are people who come from villages and townships who are today successful in business, government, sport, entertainment and other fields and some who are on the journey to success.
  • We profile their journeys of how they succeeded with the hope of motivating the youth.
  • We also profile organizations such as businesses, NGOs, government and share their CSI work.

The focus of TENACITY MAGAZINE is on stories about Education, Skills development and business development


Email address: info@tenacity-sa.co.za

                         : cmmusot@gmail.com

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