An interview with Limpopo’s rising star, Chandu Ligege

Tenacity Magazine caught up with the singer and radio personality Chandu Ligege, who shared with us his childhood journey to where he is right now.

Tenacity Magazine: Please kindly tell us who is Tshanduko Ligege?

Tshanduko Ligege: The 28 years old singer and radio personality Tshanduko Ligege formally known as ‘Chandu’ was born and raised in Masia, De Hoop village. I matriculated at Makhado Comprehensive Secondary School.

Tenacity Magazine: When and why did you start singing ( What drew you to the music industry)?

Tshanduko Ligege: Growing up I used to have a very squeaky voice. I would always sing loud in the house and my mother would complain I was making noise. So I stopped singing, because I thought the only thing I was good at was making noise.

At the age of 13 at a Sunday school conference, we were divided into four choirs for a singing competition. Another category was for solo performances where 1 boy and 1 girl from each group had to represent their group. Nobody in my group volunteered to represent the boys. I found myself raising my hand and immediately regretted because I ‘thought’ I could not sing. Just like myself, my choir conductor was also not confident that I could do it. She did not even bother asking me to sing for her. To cut the long story short, I sang and surprised everyone including myself. I made sure I was not too loud because I did not want to sound squeaky. By the way, I scored 28/30. So from that day, I never looked back.

Tenacity Magazine: You are also a radio personality, but you have noted that music is your first love. Please kindly tell us more on that aspect.

Tshanduko Ligege: Radio or broadcasting in general is something I have always wanted to try out.  So yes I love it, but I have always known music is my first love. I do not dream of becoming someone big in the radio industry, but I dream of becoming a well-known musician. I feel so much at home when I sing.

Tenacity Magazine: Is your family musical?

Tshanduko Ligege: Yes, my family is very musical. Both my parents were teachers and they conducted choirs at their schools. I was born and introduced to God at Dutch Reformed Church (now Reformed Church) and the singing of hymns was a good foundation. My siblings are not good singers individually, but when we sing together there’s just some magic. They know how to hold their notes.

Tenacity Magazine: Who are you inspired by in the music industry?

Tshanduko Ligege: The late Oliver Mtukudzi is my inspiration. This is because he sang in Shona with so much pride which took him far. This just goes to show that originality does the trick.  He inspired me to embrace being Muvenda as an artist. I write most of my music in Tshivenda.

Tenacity Magazine: How often or how long do you rehearse before you could perform?

Tshanduko Ligege: That is a bit tricky. I do not rehearse every time, I just go perform. I always have random sessions with my band to jam and that prepares us for any last minute gig. We are always ready.

Tenacity Magazine: Have you been in any competition? If yes, tell us about your journey or experience you had in that particular competition.

Tshanduko Ligege: Yes. In 2014 I represented Limpopo on Mzansi Magic’s Clash of the choirs. My team was conducted by Malaika’s Tshedi Mholo. The experience was great because we had good vocal coaches and the amazing RJ Benjamin as the musical director.

Tenacity Magazine: Can we expect an album anytime soon?

Tshanduko Ligege: Not yet, but a single definitely.

Tenacity Magazine: Tell us where do people get your music? Is your music available in stores and music Apps?

Tshanduko Ligege: I am working on a new song, but I do have my music on soundcloud that I recorded in 2013 called ‘Tendi’ and ‘Nkatanga’. I was still young and it was period I was still discovering myself. I must say I have grown as an artist.

Tenacity Magazine: What are your future plans in your career?

Tshanduko Ligege: My future plans…mmh I cannot disclose now. I do not want to bewitched before I accomplish my dreams. Haha, but on a serious note, I just want to be known as that Limpopo born artist that broke boundaries and embraced who they are just like Sho Madjozi.

Tenacity Magazine: What advice can you give to someone who want to follow in your footsteps?

Tshanduko Ligege: Do not hold back. Go for it!. Do not go around it, but go straight to it and make sure you get it.

Tenacity Magazine: What do you want the nation to know or remember about you?

Tshanduko Ligege: I want to be remembered as that Venda guy who is to Vhavenda what Oliver Mtukudzi was to his Shona people.

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