An interview with “Lovola” hitmaker, Shichavo Hlungwani

Shichavo is a singer and songwriter from Giyani, Limpopo Province who finds therapy in writing and performing music. He lays his life journey on the songs he writes, so as his pain, heart, hopes and courage. “Lovola” is a song that started as a ‘jam session’ with his friend Karabo. It is currently playing on Limpopo radio stations.

Getting to know Shichavo Hlungwani better.

Tenacity Magazine: Tell us who is Shichavo (when and where were you born)?

Shichavo Hlungwani: Shichavo Hlungwani was Born and Raised in Giyani, Nkuri Tomu village, in Limpopo province. I attended my primary school in Solani at Gawula village and Tirhani at Tomu Village, and I went to Rivoningo educational centre which is now Muhluri, and matriculated at Giyani High school, then furthered my studies with Tshwane University of Technology.

Tenacity Magazine: What drew you to the music industry?

Shichavo Hlungwani: What really drew me to the music industry was when I realised that I had a talent and wanted to expose it to the world.

Tenacity Magazine: Who are you inspired by?

Shichavo Hlungwani: I specifically do not have anyone who personally is an inspiration to me. I honestly have drawn inspiration from deep within, and that came about me having so much belief in myself.

Tenacity Magazine: Tell us how did the collaboration with Karabo Nkuna come about?

Shichavo Hlungwani: Ok, so we were in my room which I rented in Pretoria Sunnyside early this year, Karabo and I were very close, and it all started at church. Many times we would meet up and do music together over supper with our friends and family. There was this other time, I decided to introduce Lovola to Karabo, and after we were done singing, I then decided to post the video on my social media platforms, and the reception was quite amazing from the people who watched the video.

The song started to gain momentum, and we ended up deciding that we had to record this song and give people what they want and love, that is when I approached my Producer Andziso Ngobeni about this project and we started working on it.

Tenacity Magazine: Briefly outline how you interact with and respond to your fans?

Shichavo Hlungwani: I have really been getting a great support from a lot of people, those I know and those I do not know. Our interactions have been so great on all social media platforms, and I always make sure that I respond to each and every comment and complement they shower me with.

Tenacity Magazine: What is your favourite part about this line of work? Your least favourite? And why?

Shichavo Hlungwani: My favourite part about this line of work is that I get to meet a lot of talented people who are doing the very same thing as me, and by that I get to learn a lot of things. My least favourite part of this line of work is that I am still doing lot of things by myself, I do not have a manager.

Tenacity Magazine: What do you want the nation to know about you?

Shichavo Hlungwani: What I want the nation to know is that, I have a lot of good music to offer, so everyone should buckle up because I am working so hard to give and offer the best of my music abilities.

Tenacity Magazine: What are your future plans in your career?

Shichavo Hlungwani: My favourites plans about my career is that I will get to do a lot of live performances and also collaborating with various talented artists.

Tenacity Magazine: What advice would you give to someone who want to follow in your footsteps?

Shichavo Hlungwani: An advice I would give to someone who wants to follow on my footsteps is that, they should really believe in themselves and really make sure that they work so hard on their craft, and be very authentic about who they really are and what they stand for.

Tenacity Magazine: Tell us where can people find your music?

Shichavo Hlungwani: My music is available on digital stores such as Itunes, Googleplay, Deezer, amazon music, and many more, with an album coming up early next year.

You can follow him on Social Media

Facebook: Shichavo Hlungwani

Twitter:  @shichavo

Instagram:  @Shichavo91


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