Moses Moreroa chats to us about his best-selling book “Success Comes In Seven Pieces.”

Tenacity Magazine caught up with the author of the best-selling book “Success Comes In Seven Pieces”, Moses Moreroa. He is also an editor of note with footprints in professional editing for corporates, books, academic papers, integrated reports and social media campaigns. Currently attached to the University of Limpopo as sub-editor and communicator.

Tenacity Magazine: Please tell us in brief who is Moses Moreroa?

Moses Moreroa: Moses Moreroa  was bred in a humble village called Segwashi, Ga-Mamabolo in Limpopo. His urbane personality and suave demeanour, as well as his sartorial elegance, always draw attention from people who meet Moses Mashwahla Moreroa for the first time, but he insists that focusing on one’s character and physical appearance could reduce the significance of their worth.

Nonetheless, Moses cut an audacious figure and has enjoyed the status of a child prodigy since he broke onto the public scene as an aspirational public speaker who is known for his oratory skills, wordplay, and wisdom.

Moses’ rise to the podium, as Programme Director for UL Graduations, defies all logical thinking and his understanding of spiritual growth and the significance of formal education in harnessing an individual’s gifts secures him a seat among an elite of young leaders of his time.

Moses wears many hats: He is a business and life coach, mentor, facilitator, and speaker. Home at writing, and strategic planning and thinking, he uses his gifts and experience to shape and transform the profession of communication, business, and community development. With a career spanning close to a decade, Moses’ public relations work has been recognised by the Public Relations Institute of Southern Africa (PRISA). He specialises in PR, social media marketing and campaigning, and strategic planning. With seven years’ experience in corporate communication strategy management and brand positioning.

Over the years, he has been engaged in team-building and leadership development programmes. He is also an editor of note with footprints in professional editing for corporates, books, academic papers, integrated reports and social media campaigns. Currently attached to the University of Limpopo as sub-editor and communicator. He was the founding editor-in-chief of a student magazine called Keyaka, Chairperson of English Society as well as Enactus Project Manager at the university.

Tenacity Magazine: When did you first realise you wanted to be an author?

Moses Moreroa: I loved story telling from a young age. Where I come from, I don’t have a tangible relationship with my peers because I have always been in doors with my mother listening to her telling folklore. I would in turn narrate the same to my peers.

Tenacity Magazine: Where do you get your ideas as an author?

Moses Moreroa: My debut book was the story of my life summarised in seven chapters, which I called pieces of success. Other story ideas come from the daily activities that I witness from the streets and in the workplace.

Tenacity Magazine: Do you deliver to the readers what they want or you try more to be original?

Moses Moreroa: I call myself a non-quotation speaker. When I write, I solely put my mind to paper without any influence from a certain author. I believe that my case is different and I have an important story to tell in order for someone to reach their glory.

Tenacity Magazine: How did publishing your first book (Success Comes In Seven Pieces) change your process of writing and your life in general?

Moses Moreroa: Being a published author allowed me to impact so many lives than I ever imagined. It has allowed me a platform on various national radio stations and newspapers. I receive calls and messages of goodwill from my readers, giving testimony on how the book has changed their lives for better. This inspires me to keep on writing and sharing my wisdom with the publics.

Tenacity Magazine: You are the founder of Information Giants Publishers. Please kindly tell us more on that aspect.

Moses Moreroa: When I was looking for a publisher, I realised that those in the mainstream are hardly accessible for local authors and self-publishers. I then, as an entrepreneur, decided to be that bridge for our authors to extend their voice. I established the company and published my book under it. We offer enabling platform for local authors and have adopted so many as we speak.

Tenacity Magazine: What are the challenges you have encountered as an author?

Moses Moreroa: The challenges that comes with authorship include marketing and distribution. Fortunately, I am a public relations expert and marketer, it was not difficult for me. But I have seen this as troubling for many authors who are trying to establish themselves as brands.

Tenacity Magazine: What is your favourite part about being an author?

Moses Moreroa: Being an author engross my ideas and life experiences in the sands of time. A book never gets lost, but ideas do.

Tenacity Magazine: How do people get hold of your best-selling book “Success Comes In Seven Pieces” ? Is it available in stores?

Moses Moreroa: The book is available on, which is our online book store. And people can also order signed copies from the author.

Tenacity Magazine: What advice can you give to someone who want to follow in your footsteps?

Moses Moreroa: For anyone who wants to write, it is not about stating your mind. There is a lot of introspection one needs to do. Research about your thoughts in order to develop a coherent and impactful manuscript. Decide on the type of an author you want to be and be consistent. This helps establish one’s niche area and tone – what we call a signature.

Tenacity Magazine: What do you want the nation to know or remember about you?

Moses Moreroa: That I never despised the mess that I have done – a construction site is never clean. I knew that to someone it would be a message when the building is completed. That I never undermined the beginning, knowing that my destiny will be someone else’s beginning. That I maximised my minimum, without having to rely on the government to feed me.

Tenacity Magazine: Any new and exciting things that you would like to share?

Moses Moreroa: I am working on my second book titled “Opening Secrets” which will be launched towards the end of July. In the book, readers will cry, laugh, be sad and confused as the text really resonates with many people and tells nothing but the truth – and you know it hurts, but has to be told. I might create more friends or countless enemies or both.

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