An interview with Top Achiever, Ashante Raolane

Ashante Raolane is one of the top student from University of Limpopo (UL) in the Faculty of Management and Law, who was honoured at the 2018 annual Standard Bank Top Student Awards in partnership with UL.

Getting to know Ashante Raolane better.

Tenacity Magazine: Tell us who Ashante Raolane is (When and where were you born)?

Ashante Raolane: The 21-year-old Ashante Raolane was born on the 17th   of September 1997, and grew up in Tickyline Village, Tzaneen. I am a University student who is working towards becoming an entrepreneur and who will be graduating in April of 2019 from the University of Limpopo.

Tenacity Magazine: Tell us how you grew up in your area. (What kind of a child were you)?

Ashante Raolane: Growing up in my area was not really that interesting, but is what made who I am today for whatever that I have encoutered in those years served as a motivation, that pushed me to be where I am today. I had to grow up in an environment that was full of dissapointments and limitations but only because I have always envyed to be an outgoing person, and I used that to my advantage. Wanting to be different and making a positive change for my background made me to study even more.

I grew up as a very observant person and I was always driven to learn. I was the kind kid who was entertained by school work, and my teacher would always say I am the first to raise my hand in class. I have always being the kind person who is eager to please others, have good communication skills and wanted to always lead.

What I remember most from my childhood is being at school and all the amazing things I would dream of becoming. I always wanted to be the best and would not hesitate to engage in a school  competition which still applies even today.

Tenacity Magazine: Have you ever thought you will become one of the top achievers in your class? And how was the feeling the time you got an invitation to attend the annual Standard Bank Top student Awards?

Ashante Raolane: Yes, because it is not my first encouter. In 2015, I was also the top learner of the overall grade 12 learners in my school. I study to be the best and that motivates me a lot. My school work comes first and the passion I put in it always produce good results. It was not really a surprise, because I somehow knew that I was going to take the award. My results and instincts told me very well. I was just waiting for the call, although I was very excited and felt so very much proud but above all I thanked God for strength.

Tenacity Magazine: Where and what are you studying?

Ashante Raolane: Well, I recently completed my final year level in Bcom Business Management at University of Limpopo.

Tenacity Magazine: What are your future plans regarding your studies and life in general?

Ashante Raolane: I want to become one of the successful business owner or rather an entrepreneur with several branches. My short-term goal is to get my Degree in record time, then my medium-term goal is to get as much experience as possible relating to business situations through working under a certain company as  I will be saving my start-up  capital and my long-term goal is to own my own business in the next coming three years to create employment.

Tenacity Magazine: You are a motivation to other students, what advice would you give them to become the best in life?

Ashante Raolane: First and foremost, they should  believe in themselves, and allow themselves to be encouraged by those who do better. The best stragety to follow is to work hard. Your determination and commitment on what you do will definitely take you far. Putting more pressure always produce the best results.

Tenacity Magazine: What do you want the Nation to know about you?

Ashante Raolane: I am a goal driven young lady with big dreams and what I like about myself is that I am very committed and determined. And that I have a plan that is going to make a positive impact in the country and beyond.

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