IFreeCan TimePiece a Premium (Luxury) timepiece manufacturer

IFreeCan TimePiece aims to redefine the standards and break the limitations of African Premium Products and Services.


Tenacity Magazine: What is IFreeCan TimePiece? What work do you?

IFreeCan TimePiece: IFreeCan TImePiece is a Premium (Luxury) timepiece manufacturer, we handcraft and Handstitch our leather works.

Tenacity Magazine: Who are the founders of IFreeCan TimePiece business?

IFreeCan TimePiece: The founder is Lofuno Oscar Lisoga; and I, Bird Kganakga joined the company three months after its inception. We are two years old now.

Tenacity Magazine: Your timepieces are one of a kind (unique), and different from others. Please tell us more on that aspect.

IFreeCan TimePiece: Our products are inspired by an over 100 years old family tradition of watch restoration and leather treatment. We are also deliberately resembling of the African Cultural Aesthetic.

Tenacity Magazine: What are your aims and objectives as IFreeCan TimePiece?

IFreeCan TimePiece: IFreeCan TimePiece aims to redefine the standards and break the limitations of African Premium Products and Services.  We want to reignite love and pride in African Cultural Aesthetics as the source and foundation of creating new, unique and innovative products and services that can compete on a Global Level.

Tenacity Magazine:  Who are your target market?

IFreeCan TimePiece: Our target market is professionals in the creative industry, or your everyday professionals who have a creative side to them, and those that want premium products that obviously identify with the African Cultural Aesthetic. We also targeting the entire African Diaspora as a means to recreate their connection with their home continent.

Tenacity Magazine:  What have you achieved ever since the inception of the business?

IFreeCan TimePiece: When we started the business, we started by adding our Iconic Handcrafted Handstitched Leather belts onto heads we would buy in shops or on our customers heads by other watchmakers. We have since then grown to a point where we have our own head design, identifiable, and different.

As for now, we make 80% of the timepiece. We have also innovated the concept of engraving images onto the inside head of the watch, I believe we were the first in the world to do such. We have also been able to open a stall in Newtown Junction Mall. We have been able to make wonderful beautiful collaborations with Ennock M Art and Luthi Creatives to create even more unique products. This has been an important part of our brand development.

Tenacity Magazine:  You also make other accessories like earrings, and rings. Please kindly elaborate more on that.

IFreeCan TimePiece: This is part of our celebration of the African Cultural Aesthetic, using ancient ideas, concepts from our grandparents and ancestors and turning them into world class products and service. We use beads and copper metal, the contrast of ancient beads and modern electricity copper wire is the merging of the past and the present to create the future. We handcraft the earrings and rings using beads and copper wire.

Tenacity Magazine: How do people get your Timepieces and other accessories? Are they available in stores?

IFreeCan TimePiece: One can find us in Newtown Junction Mall in Newtown Johannesburg or at the University of Limpopo Gate 1.

Tenacity Magazine: What are your social media platforms handles?

IFreeCan TimePiece: We are available on Instagram: IfreeCan TImePiece (watches) and  Facebook: Thomas Black and I am available on 0793357976 WhatsApp or Call.

Tenacity Magazine: Any new and exciting things that you would like to share?

IFreeCan TimePiece: Well, we just moved into a bigger stall in Newtown, and we are looking forward to more collaborations with up and coming brands owned by South African Youth and to develop more products and services under the IFreeCan banner.








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