Limpopo’s 2017 Top learner Anza Tshipetane

She is the 2017 Limpopo proud girl who achieved more than any other learner in the province. Anza Tshipetane is a hard worker with big dreams who never allowed her family background to determine her future.

Tenacity Magazine: Tell us who Anza Tshipetane is (When and where were you born)?

Anza Tshipetane: I am an 18 year old girl born from the humble village of Tshisahulu in Venda, Limpopo. I was born and raised by a single mother with the help of my grandmother who passed on in 2013. They also had to take care of my two sisters.

Tenacity Magazine: Tell us how you grew up in your area. (What kind of a kid were you? Were you a naughty or shy child?)

Anza Tshipetane: I had a normal childhood, just like most of the kids where I had my share of play. But at a certain point of my life, I stopped playing because my priorities changed. I fell in love with my school work and spent most of my time buried in my books. This was specially influenced by my desire to be a valuable asset to my community as well as my desire to make an impact everywhere I go and in everything I do.

Tenacity Magazine: Have you ever thought you will become Limpopo number one when you grew up?

Anza Tshipetane: When I was in grade 7, I was inspired to work towards this by alumni of Mbilwi secondary school, Mukhethwa Murodovha who in his year of matriculation became the top student in the province. I cannot say that I ever imagined myself as Limpopo’s best, but I have always been motivated since my early days of high school to stay competent and to work hard.

Tenacity Magazine: How was the feeling, the time you get a call announcing that you are Limpopo pride?

Anza Tshipetane: I literally cried out of joy. I was amazed by how far determination can take a person. But above it all, I was so grateful to God who made it all possible.

Tenacity Magazine: Where and what are you studying?

Anza Tshipetane: I am currently studying Medicine at University of Cape Town.

Tenacity Magazine: What are your future plans in your career and life in general?

Anza Tshipetane: I want to go into medical research or specialize in nuclear medicine or do both. I am also working on a project to inspire young people to take charge of their education by becoming eager to learn because I believe that there is a whole lot that we get through education, research and innovation especially in the medical sector. I am currently compiling careers manuals for prospective health sciences students and encouraging young people to volunteer to public hospitals and also do job shadowing. This is because I have a special place for service and giving back in my heart. I hope that this project grows into a part time job or even a big organization in the future

Tenacity Magazine: You are a motivation to other learners, what can you tell them to focus on their educational and become the best in life?

Anza Tshipetane: A person must set goals for themselves and work towards achieving them. If you want something you can get it only if you believe that you are unstoppable. Having faith in myself is what kept me motivated even when I was experiencing difficulties with my school work. Another thing that really hinders progress especially in the disadvantaged community is idea of settling. Being comfortable or focusing on your disadvantage and using it as an excuse to stay at the bottom. I am one of the people who used this “disadvantage” to my “advantage” through hard work. Evidence to this would be the fact that my hard work was recognized by many institutions and program such as the University of Witwatersrand Targeting Talent Programme; they took me into their program for “disadvantaged” students and built me into a better student to counteract the disadvantage factor. I also won that National Science Olympiad and was named the Top learner from Disadvantaged Schools when graded with all students from South Africa and the SADC regions and attached to the title was an all experiences paid trip to London, UK. All these add on to my point of saying that you can do beyond the confines of what society thinks you are limited to as long as you have the right mindset

Tenacity Magazine: What do you want the Nation to know about you?

Anza Tshipetane: Success breeds success, more is still coming from Dr Anza Tshipetane.



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