Limpopo’s 2018 Top Learner, Khuthadzo Mavhina

Tenacity Magazine caught up with Khuthadzo Mavhina who is the Top Achiever after she became Limpopo’s 2018 Top Learner.

Tenacity Magazine: Please tell us, who is Khuthadzo Mavhina?

Khuthadzo Mavhina:  Khuthadzo is a 17 year old girl turning 18 on 30th April. I was born at Mankweng outside Polokwane and I stay in Zwavhavhili Zwikwengani village outside Thohoyandou in Limpopo. I matriculated at Mbilwi Senior Secondary School.

Tenacity Magazine:  What kind of a child can you say you were when growing up?

Khuthadzo Mavhina : I was not shy but more of a talkative child.

Tenacity Magazine:  You are one of the Top achievers in Matric 2018. tell us the study method you have used to achieve the best results. How did you make it to the top?

Khuthadzo Mavhina: I used the study method called active reading. This is basically the method where you engage with yourself when reading. I would try to teach myself by asking myself questions , answering question papers instead of just study. I used to talk myself through notes when reading to make sure I understood everything.

Tenacity Magazine:  As the Top student, how many trophies and distinctions have you received during the Matric Awards?

Khuthadzo Mavhina: I managed to get 7 distinctions. I got a trophy for being the best candidate in Life Sciences,  getting 300/300 in Physical Science and Being the Top Learner in Public Schools . So in total I received 3 trophies.

Tenacity Magazine:  What kind of encouragement have you got and from who have you got it?

Khuthadzo Mavhina: My parents have given me encouragement by always motivating me to stay focused, study everyday. They used to make sure I knew when I performed bad in a certain subject and tell me how to improve. One thing they always taught me is that there is always room for improvement.

Tenacity Magazine:  Now you are done with Secondary Phase reaching to the tertiary level. what are you planning to study and where?

Khuthadzo Mavhina: I’m going to study Actuarial Science at the University of Cape Town.

Tenacity Magazine:  What message can you give to those who want to achieve better and be the best learners?

Khuthadzo Mavhina: I speak directly to the 2019 matric class that constant perseverance is key. Always work hard and never fool yourself into believing you have achieved the best you can- you can ALWAYS do better. Set your goals from the beginning of the year and start studying from day one, this reduces the stress of the final examination enormously.  Always remember that somewhere out there is someone working just as hard as you to achieve the same goal as yours. So it is up to you to go the extra mile so in the end you can be crowned champion.

Tenacity Magazine:  What do you think need to be done to ensure that the learners focus much on their education to improve Limpopo Matric results?

Khuthadzo Mavhina: I think schools should make sure that all their learners have adequate access to learning materials.  I also think that all the districts should follow suit in Vhembe District’s footsteps by creating camps for their top learners since being surrounded by top learners will help motivate them.

Tenacity Magazine:  Were you expecting your results to be as they are or they took you by surprise?

Khuthadzo Mavhina: I was expecting to be invited to the Polokwane for the awards however, I was not expecting to be the Top student in public schools in Limpopo . I can say being Top Learner that took me by surprise.


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