Limpopo’s 2018 Top Learner, Ndodzo Masithi

Tenacity Magazine caught up with Ndodzo Masithi who took the top in a tie for best 2018 learner in Limpopo.

Tenacity Magazine: Who is Ndodzo Masithi?

Ndodzo Masithi: Ndodzo is a 17 year old girl from Maungani village outside Thohoyandou in Limpopo. I matriculated at Mbilwi secondary school.

Tenacity Magazine: Tell us about the kind of a child you were when growing up.

Ndodzo Masithi: Growing up as a child I was little bit shy but with confidence enough to know where I stand in life and prioritizes my values.

Tenacity Magazine: Tell us the study method you used that made you reach the Top position

Ndodzo Masithi: I pan for my studies early at the beginning of the year and I developed a study plan which I make sure that I stick to it. I study everyday and not hesitate to ask my teachers as and when I don’t understand something in my studies.

Tenacity Magazine: what are you planning to study and where are you going to study it?

Ndodzo Masithi: I am going to University of Cape Town to study Chemical Engineering.

Tenacity Magazine: What message can you give those learners who want to achieve the best like you did?

Ndodzo Masithi: Learners must study hard and learn to adopt the study method or strategy that works best for them. They must never lose hope in whatever they do.

Tenacity Magazine: What do you think need to be done to improve the position and matric results in Limpopo?

Ndodzo Masithi: The department can organize more study camps for learners in the province to improve more.

Tenacity Magazine: How many distinctions have you obtained and how many trophies have you received during the Award ceremony?

Ndodzo Masithi: I obtained 7 distinction and two trophies

Tenacity Magazine: Where you expecting the results or they took you by surprise?

Ndodzo Masithi: I studied hard and I was somehow expecting more than what I achieved.

Tenacity Magazine: What kind of encouragement have you got and from who have you got it?

Ndodzo Masithi: My parents are my motivators while my teachers encouraged me to be the best. My best friend Khuthadzo would always ensure that we both study harder.


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