Mashao honoured with the Presidential Award for Leadership

Meet Mashao Seabela, Limpopo-born entrepreneur, Visual blogger, founder of MS Digital and recipient of the Presidential Award for Leadership. He was nominated in the Presidential Award for Leadership as recognition for setting a good example in the field of Environmental Science and establishing his own company. We learn about his career, business and challenges along the way.

Please kindly tell us who is Mashao Seabela?

I am born and bred in Turfloop, Polokwane. I come from a very supportive family and I had a beautiful experience growing up. My parents raised an ambitious young entrepreneur and a winner.

Tell us about your educational journey.

My schooling journey started at Toronto Primary and I matriculated at Northern Academy. I completed an Environmental Science and Politics degree at the University of Cape Town (UCT) in 2018.

Please kindly tell us about your transitions from school to business.

After completing my studies I got a job as a scientist at Department of Water and Sanitation. I started my digital brand company because I was driven by passion. The transition was not easy and I had to fund the business with my own savings. However, there is lots of fulfilment in my journey. I get involved in great projects from provincial to national campaigns.

Congratulations for receiving the Presidential Award for Leadership; what was the programme all about?

The awards are presented by a presidential store founded by Nelson Mandela Foundation. The programme’s vision is to become the self-development programme of choice for young people in South Africa. The aim is to empower young people between the ages of 14 and 25,by providing a balanced, non-competitive framework for self-development that will increase their self-esteem and enhance their capacity to achieve in whatever context they find themselves.

Please kindly tell us how you got nominated?

I was nominated by my colleague and I felt honoured. I received an email to notify me that I was chosen as one of the recipients. I believe that my leadership, community work and serving on different boards throughout the years helped me.

What does the award mean to you?

I see myself as a servant than a leader because when you do something you love with passion, an award like this is extra special. I am honoured to get a pat on my back from an organisation which is linked with one of the biggest icon of our lifetime, Tata Madiba.

You are the founder of MS Digital. Tell us what MS Digital is about?

MS Digital is a digital brand building agency that helps brands to create digital content for the public at large. We manage their social media accounts or campaigns. Our vision is to promote and grow companies by carving a new narrative of African businesses in Africa. We call it taking brands into their Rapid Evolution.

What are the challenges you encountered when establishing your company?

My main challenge is time management because I work as a Scientist on a full-time basis and marketing the business to attract customers. Majority of our proposals were turned down when we started.

How did you overcome the challenges thus far?

I manage time by working overnight on MS Digital and other projects. We have improved the quality of our proposals and have use our current list of happy customers as reference.

You are a visual blogger. What is a visual blogger?

Visual blogging is content blogging that uses images and infographics. This simply means I use pictures and images to blog as opposed to writing blogs. I discovered my interest for visual blogging in 2015. I posted pictures on my personal platforms to promote different clothing and lifestyle brands. This attracted a lot of followers over time. When I went to varsity I discovered that people were making money from blogging. I turned my passion into a business.

What are your aspirations, aims and objectives as young entrepreneur?

I aspire to build a sustainable business that can grow and provide job opportunities for young people. My main aim is to grow MS Digital into a trusted brand in Limpopo, South Africa and beyond.

What are your social media platforms?

I am Mashao Seabela on all social platforms.

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