Mathemagics is involved in innovative systems development. All Mathemagics content is developed and animated in South Africa.

Tenacity Magazine: What is Mathemagics? What work do you?

Mathemagics: Mathemagics is a private company that was established in 1999 it offers an educational software for learners from Grade R to Grade 12. Our main subjects are Mathematics, Accounting, Physical Sciences, English and Afrikaans. We are approved by the Department of Basic Education and work according to the current curriculum caps.

Tenacity Magazine: Where is Mathemagics located?

Mathemagics: The head office is in Edenvale Gauteng.

Tenacity Magazine: As Mathemagics you are involved in innovative systems development. Please tell us more on that regard.

Mathemagics: The software has been developed to help learners improve a great deal with regards to both concentration and marks. The result are 30% increase by the end of each term. What’s more, the developers are currently working on including more subjects and more interaction.

Tenacity Magazine: What are your aims and objectives as the company?

Mathemagics: To improve learners individually to maximum capacity for better and more university entries.

Tenacity Magazine: What have you achieved ever since the establishment of the company?

Mathemagics: We have worked with over 4000 thousand schools nationwide and as such immense progress has been seen from individual learners.

Tenacity Magazine: What are the programmes you are doing within the company?

Mathemagics: Working with individual schools and offering lessons to learners.

Tenacity Magazine: How do people get in contact with Mathemagics in order to bring
their children to join your programmes?

Mathemagics: They can take up contact on our website or contact our office directly on 011 396 3792/3/4.

Tenacity Magazine: What is something interesting that you would like to share?

Mathemagics: We are currently working on introducing new subjects by 2020 to accommodate more learners.

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