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Tenacity Magazine caught up with Ndivhuvhona Ndou, the owner of Natho Wings of Care. The company help clients to find the right nannies, cleaners, gardeners and carpenters for their households & companies. We learn about his business and the challenges along the journey of entrepreneurship.

Please kindly tell us who is Ndivhuvona Ndou?

Ndivhuvona Ndou is a 21-year-old entrepreneur born and bred in a small village called Tshifulanani Khumbe in Venda. I am a second born in a family of four and have blessed three sisters. My father passed away in 2010 and we were raised by our mother as a single parent. The passing away of my father forced me to take responsibility of the household. I am working hard to make my mother and the rest of my family proud.

Tell us about your educational journey?

I completed my matric at Khwevha Commercial School in 2015 and obtained my National Diploma in Business Management from Capricorn TVET College. Being at tertiary level was tough because I had to be financially dependent on my parents and always making informed decisions.

Please kindly tell us about your transitions from school/work and into business.

After completing my studies, I worked at Garden Court Hotel in Polokwane as a waiter for about a year and a half while also training at the Finance department in the same hotel. I used to wake up very early in the morning to prepare for training at the finance department. I would immediately begin my 3pm shift at the restaurant as a waiter which ended around 00:00am every single day. I decided to study Business Management to complement the training I got at the hotel and to improve business skills needed to start a business.

How did you get into the business?

It has always been my dream to be a businessperson from a young age. I started doing market research about business opportunities while working at the hotel and I discovered a gap in the housekeeping industry.

What makes your business unique and what inspired the name of the brand?

This business was not only seen as a necessity for Polokwane community, it was started to meet all the needs of parents nationally and considering the rights of nannies too.  Most of the times nannies receive unfair treatment from their direct employers and nannies also perform a lot of unethical habits in the direct employer’s environment. The business therefore represents both the nanny and the client. The name NATHO came from my business partner and I based on our experiences, ‘wings of care’ was derived from an angel that comes as a form of comfort.

What are the challenges you encountered in establishing your business?

We struggled to raise funds in the initial phase and to sustain the business. It was also quite a challenge to get clients because people didn’t know us and we were new in the Industry. Dealing with difficult clients was the most challenging and we had to learn how to handle them. Our interaction with our clients and our problem-solving skills have since improved.

How did you overcome the challenges?

We invested our personal finances into the business and a great deal of time into marketing the services. We went door to door advertising, handing out pamphlets and we also took the business to the social media.

What is special about your service offering?

We do background check, reference checks and criminal checks. We do this to ensure safety of the service rendered by the company is guaranteed.

What are your aspirations, aims and objectives of your brand?

My main aim is to see the business expanding both nationally and into SADEC countries. We want the brand Natho Wings of Care to grow and for the business to create more jobs opportunities for people. We are in the process of creating an App for our clients and service providers, the layout of the app is in place but it requires funds.

Who do you admire and how have they influenced you?

My inspiration comes from Dr Lucas Moloi, he started business at a young age with no financial support as his mother was a domestic worker. He managed to build his multimillion-rand business empire out of nothing, went bankrupt 3 times and bounced back.

What would you do if you are the Minister of Small Business in South Africa?

I would make sure that entrepreneurship is taught at school from a young age. I believe we are mostly sold an idea to study and work for someone else instead of studying to build a successful business of our own. We should be taught how to make money not to survive.

What are your social media profiles/website/contact details?

My personal Instagram account is @Jabulani_Ndivhu_Ndou.

Facebook: JB kingslime Ndou

Twitter @JB Jabulani Ndou

Contact: 064 912 4605

Business Instagram account is @NATHO_wings_of_care

Facebook Page: Natho wings of care

Website: Nathowingsofcare.co.za

Email: Nathowingsofcare@gmail.com

Contact: 064 912 4605/ 015 1010 673

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