Ntiyiso Life’s Journey

Meet Ntiyiso Mukhari who is a 14-year-old Grade 8 learner, a published Author and an aspiring Producer. She spoke to Tenacity Magazine’s Karabo Maila about her life and being a published author

Please kindly tell us who is Ntiyiso Mukhari

Ntiyiso Amukelani is a God fearing vibrant creative young lady born and bred in Limpopo Province. I am currently living with my parents and my little brother at Soekmekaar. I am a grade 8 learner at Northern Academy striving towards success and excellence in life. I describe myself as a very ambitious person and I believe with hard work and commitment you can achieve anything. I am working on becoming the youngest Executive Producer in South Africa.

You wrote a book titled Life’s Journey, What is the book about?

My book is mainly about giving people courage, hopes and resilience through the awesome favour of God. The book aim to inspire young people to read, to follow their dreams and get knowledge necessary to advance in life.

What influenced you to write the book?

My school has a theme titled learners to leaders where they encourage and help learners to achieve their goals beyond academics responsibilities. This campaign encouraged me to write this book and I was driven by my passion for reading as well.

Who do you aim to reach with your book?

I wrote this book mainly for young people of my age but the message is universal. Anyone can read the book and hopefully reflect on their lives or get life skills, get motivation and inspiration.

Who helped you with the publishing of the book?

When I was looking for a publisher, I realised that those in the mainstream are hardly accessible for local authors and self-publishers. I then approached Apostle Carol who helped me to make it officially published.

What are the challenges you encountered when writing this book?

The most difficult challenges that I have been through was unforeseen circumstances such as me breaking my hand during my process of writing. I also didn’t have a laptop and most of the time I was writing everything down on a notepad.

What are your dreams?

My ambition is to be an Executive Producer for film and television production. I love creating content, reading and writing.

Where can the book be purchased and how much is it?

My book is available to purchase at PNA in Tzaneen Lifestyle Shopping centre, alternatively people can contact my Manager on 0829799027 to place orders. The book is retailing at the lowest price of R150. I am active on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as AmuBuHle.

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