Radical Fm SA

Radical FM is one of the best online radio station in South Africa, which aims to inspire creative contributions to radio programming. Increase awareness of the power and potential of radio.


Tenacity Magazine: Please kindly tell us what Radical FM SA is? A brief historical background of the radio station.

Radical FM SA: RADICAL FM SA is an “INTERNATIONAL” radio station in Mokopane, South Africa. Established in 2017, founded by Jay Nkosi. Jay have 10 years working as a presenter from different radio station.

Tenacity Magazine: Where is the radio station located?

Radical FM SA: The main branch is Radical FM SA located on 101 Mokopane Plaza, 101 Nelson Mandela Drive Mokopane Limpopo, and other branches in Witbank Randburg and New City (USA).

Tenacity Magazine: What are your aims and objectives as online radio station?

Radical FM SA: Radical FM SA Radio Aims To:

Maximise diversity of programming. Inspire creative contributions to radio programming. Increase awareness of the power and potential of radio. Encourage and inspire a positive use of radio. Promote the empowerment and the politics of liberation and discourage protectionism and the politics of resentment.

Formalisation of operations so as to promote fairness, clarity and efficiency in its decisions. Encourage access to the facilities by both the South Africa, other countries  and Mokopane communities. Improve the production of programming which reflects both of these communities. Encourage co-operation, interaction, communication and understanding within and between these communities and fully reflect this radio community to the world beyond.

The station is formatted to mostly play urban music genres such as House, Classic, Gospel, Hip Hop, and R&B along with a minority of its airtime being dedicated to talk shows.

Tenacity Magazine: What have you achieved ever since the inception of radio station?

Radical FM SA: Our achievements have achieved a lot in terms marketing this station. We are well known now in abroad and though lot of people need more of Radical FM SA. We have been part Bizzaward, did we have been in Mozambique doing live broadcasting in Matola, Tanzania, Zambia and Swaziland.

Tenacity Magazine: Tell us about your listenership, how many listeners does Radical FM SA have?

Radical FM SA: We have more than 1.8 Million listeners who tune on our site almost everyday. This has helped RFMSA to grow very fast and we appreciate Radio softwares and Radio line for making us part of 60,000+ worldwide.

Tenacity Magazine: How do people get to stream the radio station online?

Radical FM SA: People can listen to RADICAL FM SA via our Facebook page if they are using Tablet or computers, on mobile they can download RADIOLINE and search Radical FM SA. We are also available through our live stream website www.radicalfmsa.caster.fm though we are busy with our official  website where our listeners will access all information.

Tenacity Magazine: What language of broadcast do you use?

Radical FM SA: We are 95% English and 5% Vernac.

Tenacity Magazine: What are you hoping to achieve as online radio station?

Radical FM SA: Honestly speaking, I need this radio station to change lives and give back to poor families. Need to expose young talents and also upcoming artists.

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