Selby: ‘I am driven by passion for cooking and creating my own recipes.’

Tenacity Magazine caught up with the founder of Gio’s Sauce, Selby Mothapo. The 28-year-old Doornspruit born is driven by passion for cooking and creating his own recipes. He took us through his life experiences in the business and how his brand came about.

Tenacity Magazine: Who is Selby Mothapo?

Selby Mothapo: Selby Mothapo is a 27-year-old entrepreneur from Bela Bela, in Limpopo province. He was born and raised in Doornspruit, Ga-Mashashane, Limpopo.

Tenacity Magazine: Briefly tell us how did Gio’s Sauce came about.

Selby Mothapo: I have a passion for cooking and creating my own flavours or recipes. Therefore, the day I created the hot sauce, I was chilling with my friends where I had created the delicious sauce and they enjoyed it.

Tenacity Magazine: What inspired you to start your own sauce brand?

Selby Mothapo: I had the idea of selling sauces from 2017, but I did not act on it till I saw and met a guy from Turfloop, who was doing the same business and I then decided to do it. His name is Brown Seleme, the founder of Brown Sauce. He inspires me a lot.

Tenacity Magazine: What are your aspirations, aims and objectives of your brand?

Selby Mothapo: I believe that the brand is going to compete well in the big markets soon enough. We aim to supply the hot sauces across the whole country and create employment opportunities.

Tenacity Magazine: What have you achieved ever since the inception of Gio’s Sauce?

Selby Mothapo: We started selling the sauces from March 2019 and created a strong clientele around Bela Bela. Now, the sauces are also being sold across different provinces.

Tenacity Magazine: What makes your sauce unique from other sauce brands?

Selby Mothapo: It is a homemade hot sauce with our own blend of recipes. We produce 100% organic hot sauce and the customers love it because the sauce doesn’t have an after taste to their mouth.

Tenacity Magazine: What are some of the challenges that affect you as an entrepreneur or your brand?

Selby Mothapo: Transporting few orders to another province affect me so bad because fuel is expensive and lack of promotional equipment so that I can reach a lot of people in different towns.

Tenacity Magazine: What plans do you have for the brand (Where do you see your brand in the next 5 years from now on)?

Selby Mothapo: I want to see the brand taking on international market and having a lot of franchises of flame grilled chicken with my sauces across the country.

Tenacity Magazine: How do people get your products? Is it available in stores?

Selby Mothapo: They can order our sauce on 0659963168 or on our Facebook page (Gio’s Sauce). We have few distributors in Bela Bela, Modimolle and Pretoria. It is not yet available in stores. its available in local Shisanyama and restaurants in Bela Bela.

Tenacity Magazine: Does your sauce come in different flavours? And how do you balance your flavours?

Selby Mothapo: Our flavours are mild, hot and extra hot sauces. We balance the heat according to the number of chillies we are adding to the sauces.

Tenacity Magazine: What advice would you give to young entrepreneurs who are just starting out and hoping to make it in the business fraternity?

Selby Mothapo: All I can say to young entrepreneurs is that everything we ever want to achieve in this world is in our mind and hands. Let’s acquire knowledge first and then act on our ideas. Hard work and dedication will take us far.

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