Thiofhi Lambani is flying young people’s flag higher in Limpopo

Meet Thiofhi Lambani founder of Spotless dishwashing liquid from Ha Ravele, Limpopo. Thiofhi is a young entrepreneur who is involved in digital Marketing agency and produced her own dishwashing liquid soap. We learn about her career, business and challenges along the way.

Tenacity Magazine: Tell us, who is Thiofhi Lambani and what kind of a child were you?

Thiofhi Lambani: I am a 23 years old entrepreneur born and raised in Ha Ravele, a small village outside Louis Trichardt in the Limpopo province. I was raised by a beautiful, hardworking single mom whom I love so dearly. Whenever I ask my mom how I was as a child she says I was a ‘why child’ and she still complains about how many why’s I used to ask in a day.

I was a very bright kid and when I was in grade 7 I was offered a Sumbanḓila scholarship to pursue my secondary schooling at Ridgeway College. The Sumbanḓila Scholarship Trust offers these high school bursaries to bright students who come from backgrounds of extreme poverty.

Tenacity Magazine: You are a young entrepreneur who is involved in digital Marketing agency and you also have produced your own dish washing liquid soap. Can you elaborate on these business ventures?

Thiofhi Lambani: The African continent is undergoing the 4th industrial revolution where digital is taking over. When I looked at my village and rural South Africa as a whole, I realised that we were getting left behind in the era of traditional marketing while everyone else is doing it digitally – that’s when I decided to start Fearless Trendz Digital Marketing.

The dish-washing liquid was my mom’s idea and I decided to execute it. I’ve been in the digital industry for a while now and I felt the need to venture into manufacturing. We are currently producing our first batch of products from my kitchen and the market has been responding positively and it’s really exciting! Can’t wait to see the big household brand Spotless is going to grow into.

Tenacity Magazine: You are now representing your area and the province well in business. What does that say to you and what advice can young people get from you?

Thiofhi Lambani: I don’t know what it says about me because that would be an onlookers view but I know I’m very passionate about my province  Limpopo and I am working very  hard to contribute to youth employment.

Tenacity Magazine: How do you think  your business can be an eye opener to others planning to venture in to business?

Thiofhi Lambani: I grew up very poor and I started my first business from absolutely nothing so this should teach young people to start now with what they have. We usually take months to draw up amazing business plans and distribute them hoping someone will believe in us enough to give us seed funding – this should stop. We need to take matters into our own hands and raise funding ourselves and start. These funders will meet us in the future.

Tenacity Magazine: How do you sustain your businesses?

Thiofhi Lambani: Having a plan and being consistent. It’s very easy to tirelessly work on a new exciting idea but the secret is in having a concrete plan on how you are going to get to a certain place and constantly keeping at it even when it’s not exciting anymore.

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