Thulamela Business Forum

Tenacity Magazine: What is Thulamela Business Forum?

Thulamela Business Forum: Thulamela Business forum is formed and registered by a local entrepreneurs based in Thulamela region in the north of Limpopo. We founded the forum in 2015 and it was incorporated in late 2016.

Tenacity Magazine: What are your aims and objectives as a forum?

Thulamela Business Forum: We founded the TBF to unite local business and become the voice of those local businesses. We wanted the local usinesses to increase in participating in the main stream economy and building an economically vibrant community.

Tenacity Magazine: What are the programmes you are doing?

Thulamela Business Forum: The forum is having developmental programs that are targeted to the SMME in particular, to capacitate them with access to information. The forum initiates actives and programs that create essential linkages between entrepreneurs and player in the industry.

Tenacity Magazine: Tell us about membership of the Forum.

Thulamela Business Forum: We are currently standing at the membership of 70 local entrepreneurs but we however interacts with over 300 local business through its community and business engagements. The forum accomodates start-up as well as established businesses. The membership in the forum is voluntarly and is composed by business from various sectors.

Tenacity Magazine: What have you achieved ever since the inception of the forum?

Thulamela Business Forum: We have managed to come up with a Rapid economic Empowerment challenge 2018 (REEC) which aims to create at least 40 entrepreneurs business opportunities and identify 2000 long term employment opportunities in 200 days. The challenge will alleviate poverty by promoting activities that encourage economic inclusion. The REEC initiative will commence at the end of April this year.


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