Tokollo invent a mobile network tower from old materials

Meet Tokollo Tsebe from Inveraan Village in Limpopo. He is an aspiring engineer who invented a mobile network tower. The 18-year-old pioneer is determined to break the norms and go beyond the society’s ceiling for a village boy.

Please kindly tell us who is Tokollo Tsebe?

I am the fourth of 10 siblings from Inveraan Village in Limpopo. I loved fixing electrical devices when I grew up and I knew from that age that I want to a career in Electrical Engineering. I passed my matric in 2019 with a Bachelor from Kgopudi High School. My parents and family have been my greatest support.

What motivated you to build a mobile network tower?

I was driven by passion for engineering to build a mobile network tower. I wanted to invent something that will last for generations to come. Technology is an integral part of economy, life and a means to connect the globe.

What did you use to build your tower and how does it work?

 I used old materials like wires, sellotape cover, cans and it uses a battery to function. The mobile network tower covers any network but you will need a password to access it.

What makes your tower unique from the actual towers we are used to?

 My mobile network tower does not use electricity but a battery to function. This gives me an advantage to continue to make calls and surf the internet with or without electricity.

What are your career goals?

My interest is in engineering and I am going to study Electrical engineering at Denver Technical College and continue to study towards a masters.

What kind of support do you need to take your project to another level?

I am from humble beginnings therefore I need a sponsorship to take my project to greater heights. I need someone who can take me to big companies where they build towers so that I can be more knowledgeable about the technology.

What else do you do?

 I have invented a circuit board which is used by engineers to measure the flow of electricity, an angle grinder using  charger to operate, street light also using power source of battery, and an electric fan.

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